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Our 2023 Recipients

Ella Jason

Amorabella, (Ella) was born a healthy baby and grew just fine until the age of 3. Ella had her first seizure on Christmas Day 2021. It was a grand mal seizure that lasted over 8 minutes and it took her hours to come out of. After various tests, Ella’s family received the news in September of 2022 that she had a terminal ultra-rare and rapidly progressing pediatric brain disorder called Batten Disease (CLN2). There is only one treatment option for this disease. Ella had a permanent port placed into her brain to receive the medication. She receives 4-hour infusion every two weeks to replace the enzymes that her body is unable to produce. This disease will take away her vision, ability to walk, talk, eat, and eventually be completely dependent. Currently there is no cure for this awful disease.


Rick Frankford

In the summer of 2022, Rick was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. A four-inch tumor is currently blocking his esophagus by more than 85% making eating almost impossible. The treatment Rick is currently undergoing for his cancer is not covered by insurance. Our hope is to assist him as he takes on this fight and alleviate the financial worry so that he may focus on healing.

Saturday, June 3, 2023
2:00pm - 10:00 pm
**Must be signed in by 3 pm to participate in bean bag tournament

Pre-Registration: $40


Day of Event:

$50 Day of Event 

Kids 10 & Under Free!

Chinese Auction:

For Chinese auction/donations please contact Sue @ 412-585-7501 


Callery Baseball Field
Center Street
Callery, PA 16033

(Just off Mars Evans City Road)
Corporate Sponsorship:
Click here to find out more!

Tax ID: #27-1995269

17th Annual Benefit &
Bean Bag Tournament

Friends Helping Friends Benefit & Bean Bag Tournament was established in 2007 to help a friend in need. The event was such a success that we decided to make it an annual event and help others.

Ever since our inception 17 years ago, we have been able to make a positive change in the lives of numerous families in Southern Butler County.  We have raised in excess of $275,000 which has gone directly to the local families. 


This year’s Bean Bag Tournament will be held at Callery Baseball Field, on Center Street & Mars Evans City Rd. Evans City PA 16033 on June 3rd 2023.  There will be cash & prizes to win, a Chinese auction, a silent auction, and a Raffle drawing. The winners will be drawn the day of the Benefit.


This year’s corporate sponsorship form can be found on the link above under sponsors.  Your donation can be made in the form of a check and returned in the envelope provided or by going to to pay with Paypal.  Any items that you can donate will go towards our Chinese Auction which 100% of the monies raised will go to the local families in need.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for raising funds. If you have any inquiries regarding our organization or the project itself, please feel free to contact us at

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